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Total waste control at Waste company waste solutions!

 Waste company waste solutions supplies total waste management solutions to organisations across the UK. As a carbon neutral organisation, we operate to decrease the negative environmental effects waste may lead to whilst ensuring waste management initiatives are effective and general sustainability is increased.

We understand working in tight budgets and remaining compliant with laws can be challenging, particularly when balancing waste reduction and recycling targets to decrease their own carbon footprint against the core business needs.

Our whole waste management team deliver solutions designed specifically to reduce costs and minimise environmental impact through dedicated account management and innovative recycling technologies.  Our state of the art creation facility permits customers to ‘try before they buy’ and completely comprehend all equipment choices and their benefits while viewing them live in action.  Have a tour of this center we can help to improve the waste management operation of the very complex and multifaceted websites and deal with complicated issues including commercial & industrial, hazardous, & offensive mailings, segregated recyclate products and confidential materials.

Total Waste Control – Soil Treatments Liverpool

Untreated, contaminated soils can take up to 12 years to degrade.  With waste business soil treatment facilities it takes as few as 8 weeks.

With rising landfill taxes and an increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility, disposing of contaminated soil from Bristol sites is challenging.  Waste company’s soil treatment facilities (stfs) supply a cheap, sustainable alternative to landfill.

 Working in partnership with biogenie, we offer complete end-to-end services, from technical advice and material testing to recovery and treatment.  Decontamination takes no more than eight months.  Clean soils are subsequently used on our site for landfill recovery, therefore there is less material going to landfill.

Customer Benefits

minimises disposal costs – non landfill taxable

sustainable – aids fulfill corporate social responsibility goals technical suggestions and testing to identify the most efficient treatment

quick turnaround – technical assessment completed onsite before tipping

tipping onto concrete slab minimises automobile damage

trace asbestos

oily sludges

heap arisings

railway ballast

treatment plant residues

river and lagoon dredgings

tunnel shaft arisings

fracking residues
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