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Recycling Liverpool

We work in partnership with Viridor who manage these contracts on behalf of the Partnership:

The supply and management of landfill capacity for disposing of household waste that cannot currently be recycled or composted — Viridor owns and runs a landfill site at Beddington Lane in Sutton where the vast majority of the Partnerships’ non-recyclable waste is taken for disposal.

Supply of recycling and composting facilities — with recycling and composting rates rising across the four Associate Boroughs, more capacity was needed to process and sort these substances. The contract awarded to Viridor in 2008 significantly increased the amount of recycling and composting the Partnership has the capacity to accumulate from residents.

We also recycle debris left over from construction sites, home renovations, office clearances and more.

Have you got bulky debris from construction or a house clean out? We can help accumulate and cart away and dispose of items for example trees, sand, gravel, building components, wreckage, appliances and personal property. It could possibly be caused by construction or damage to a building structure or large clean outs, and requires special management and disposal. With our 60 years in the company, we can handle any kind of debris removal.

We’ll bring dumpsters and a professional team to haul the debris out while taking good care of the security and convenience to your home or company. We’ll recycle any useable stuff, including scrap metal and plastics.

If you have any more questions about the kind of recycling we do then please contact us as soon as possible on 0151 321 1560 and we’ll try and get whatever you need sorted out immediately. Thank you.

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